Bright Mountain Books

Founded in 1983 by Eric and Cynthia Bright, Bright Mountain Books was based in Fairview, North Carolina, and specialized in adult non-fiction pertaining to the Southern Appalachians. After Cynthia's retirement, two employees founded Spanner Books to continue to offer a few Bright Mountain Books and Historical Images titles.

Old Favorite Honey RecipesPrice: $10 ISBN: 978-0-914875-55-0Paperback, 144 pagesBuy on Amazon
Book of Corn CookeryMary L. WadePrice: $7 ISBN: 978-0-914875-48-2 Paperback, 118 pages Buy on Amazon
Rustic ConstructionW. Ben HuntPrice: $9ISBN: 978-0-914875-47-5Paperback, 88 pagesBuy on Amazon
Vegetarian MedicinesClarence MeyerPrice: $9 ISBN: 978-0-914875-49-9 Paperback, 102 pagesBuy on Amazon

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